I know you got charmed with incredible violin parts of Apolinara's songs. Here's someone special, beautiful and talanted I'd like to meet!
Julia Polishchuk
"Music is a book of seven words.
Reading it brings you closer to unraveling the mysteries of the Universe!"

Session musician for Apolinara - Since 2020
Instrument – Violin
In music – “Before the birth as my mother was singing during whole pregnancy”
Favorite music genres/artistsMaxim Vengerov (classical music)
Favorite color – Green
Horoscope sign Scorpio
Favorite element – Water
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I'd like you to meet my co-singer and the dearest friend way back from our student's era - Marina Flyantikova!

"Music is the superpower that saves my world on daily basis"

In music: I'm in music since childhood, professionally since 2002 
Favorite music genre/artists: Funk, soul, blues and country
Favorite color: Black
Horoscope sign: Capricorn 
Favorite element: Air

"Wonderful" has turned 1 year!
Congratulations to all of you - my true Warriors of Light! 
"Wonderful" is the second single of Apolinara. It will have new bolder sound on the album version. I'm thrilled about what is coming!
I was lost and scared before
until I know how to dream,
release and hear the inner voice;
it sais "How Wonderful Life is!"

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Now I want you to meet
charming and talented cello player

Tatyana Krasavina
“I feel genuinely grateful to the Destiny for the ability to express my true emotions through music.”
Session musician for Apolinara - Since 2019
Instrument – Cello
In music – From early childhood (since 6 years old)
Favorite music genres/artists – Classical and rock varieties
Favorite color – All colors in interesting combinations
Horoscope sign – Aries
Favorite element – Fire
Slowly to “Slowly”
It was warm September of 2014 in North Carolina. I was home alone for a week. Well, almost alone – my piano kept me a good company. Anyway, I made a promise to write a song during this solitude time. Surprisingly I fulfilled it – the main harmony and lyrics for “Slowly” was done in a flash. Little that I know it will take years to understand what to do with this song and all my “covered in dust” music ideas. Yes, that was me – writing lyrics, harmonies, melodic fragments without any vision. It was a slow decay. I felt it was my rock bottom as an artist.
 Things changed in December 2018 when I was living in Spain. I went through major personal changes. As a result I decided to take a challenge as an independent solo artist. I felt (and still do) obligated to give a proper sound to the music in my head!
That’s a short story how APOLINARA was born. I choose “Slowly” to become the first single. It was published on April 12, 2019. As a cover art I choose the photo that I took in West Texas caves in 2016. It has an underlying meaning – cave crystals grow very slowly, right?!
“Slowly” is the beginning of Apolinara! It’s about the Path, the Light, the Evolution, the short and fragile human life. It’s very special song that’s why you will hear it at the future ALBUM in TWO NEW VERSIONS! But I don’t want to reveal all secrets yet…
The single version of “Slowly” by Apolinara you can stream on every platform of your choice or download it for FREE: or

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