What do people say?

"there’s an addictive quality to Apolinara’s voice and storytelling that compels you to keep coming back for more. Each time you return, something new reveals itself and adds to the delight."

"Apolinara is adept at conveying emotion with their compositions and tones... they make the listener think and feel."
"When I listen to the amazing music of Apolinara, I find an escape from the madness of this world. The sensitivity of the music touches my soul and lifts my spirit into another dimension..."
- Miriam Sarah Pickering
"Apolinara music represents a lot of strength. The voice is perfect - sweet, soft and strong at the same time. It's excellent! I love this band."
 - Laura Viscardi
"It's so much promise in the first single 'Slowly'. I am looking forward to seeing where Apolinara goes with this project..."
- Simon Edward McMurdo
"Apolinara music almost brought me to tears... I needed it right now when it was born to this Wonderful Life and world."
 - Ana Griffi
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